10 places to visit when you go to Agadir

Since we are in the summer, it is okay to talk a little about the city of Agadir, which is one of the most important tourist destinations in Morocco, as it includes many tourist attractions and clean beaches and is also characterized by its good atmosphere. We offer you the 10 best places to visit in the city.

1. Sunday Market

It is considered one of the largest municipal markets in Morocco. It contains various commercial activities and can be accessed from several sections.

2. Agadir Ovla

It is a fort located at the top of the mountain, 236 meters above sea level. It was built by Sheikh Mohammed Al-Saadi in 1540 to prevent Portuguese attacks.

3. Olhao Park

One of the most beautiful tourist places, also called the Garden of Lovers.

4. Paradise Valley (PARADISE)

It is witnessing a great turnout by foreigners as well as Moroccans.

5. Agadir Beach

Which is distinguished by its golden sand.

6. Bird Valley Park

It is located near the beach and takes care of all kinds of birds.

7. Crocs (Croco Park)

The first crocodile garden in Morocco.

8. La Médina

Here the “Thousand and One Nights” series, produced by Midi 1 TV, was filmed.

9. Marina

A distinguished place with a chain of restaurants and supermarkets. You can also rent a boat to tour the sea.

10. Taghazout

A Berber beach village overlooking the Atlantic coast in southern Morocco. Its inhabitants live on fishing and tourism. Known for its attractive beaches and mild weather in summer and winter.

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