10 tips for taking a trip around Morocco without spending much money

Morocco is currently one of the best tourist destinations in the world, which did not come from a vacuum, as the country has a wonderful geographical and climate diversity, as well as infrastructure in the level, especially in the Moroccan tourist cities. We Moroccans also love to travel and roam in our country, but the high costs prevent this, especially in the summer. So that the vacation and hot weather make everyone head to the areas overlooking the sea in order to relax.

Today, we will show you 10 ways to save money on your travel around Morocco, of course the budget changes according to travel time and the number of places to visit.

1. Always choose the cheapest transportation.

Moving between cities and places is one of the things that disturbs the traveler’s pocket because of the high costs that hinder its budget. Therefore, it is always necessary to choose the least expensive means.

2. Find the cheapest places to stay overnight

There are 3 ways, first, overnight in Auberge de jeunesse which is for a small price. There is also overnight accommodation in small tents that you can erect in guarded places, often suitable for fans of exploring forests and mountains. Finally, as we say in Moroccan, “God’s guest asked,” to go to the homes of the residents and ask for overnight stay for them. Praise be to God, Morocco is known for its hospitality.

3. Prior knowledge of places and roads

One of the best things that you can do before any travel is to plan carefully your route so that you do not get into trouble and disorientation in the cities, and not to waste money and time on things that may disturb your travel. Sometimes it is fun, but if you are bound by a schedule, it is best to plan.

4. Set your budget and do not exceed it, no matter what happens

In any planning for any travel, the budget is very basic, the purpose of which is to save on travel expenses, and this is the purpose of our topic, to try to spend on essentials only. You are traveling to enjoy, not to shop.

5. Save money and drink more water

Of the most famous American quotes used by all travelers on “Budget”, water is the foundation of life and it is what makes us able to move. In the summer we will need to drink more water, and you can limit yourself to 3 daily snacks without having to eat between them.

6. If you are lost somewhere, do not hesitate to ask people, then you are in your country

If you encounter problems in any city, ask the hand for help from the residents without trying to fix things yourself, which could exacerbate the problem further.

7. Do not travel alone

Perhaps some people may disagree with us, because traveling alone also has a special taste, but it is better to travel with colleagues and friends, the atmosphere will be better, and the more people, the lower the cost of travel.

8. Try to spend more time in each city

Someone always tries to explore everything in the fastest time, and this is what causes him to miss a lot of things in every city. If you are a fan of exploration, 5 cities in which you spend 10 days are better than 10 cities in 5 days.

9. If you like something, don’t buy it until you check your budget

Of course, our psychological nature as human beings makes us always attached to everything that our eyes see, and this is what makes our bulk thinking about buying without paying attention to other animals, you are now in a budget-based travel. This does not prevent you from buying things to remember the cities you have visited, but always make sure of your budget before purchasing.

10. Use trade-offs and bargains before every purchase

You are in Morocco, do not be surprised. Bargaining is an integral part of our trade, and with the approaching summer and the arrival of tourists, the prices will inevitably rise to twice the original price, so do not hesitate to bargain before every purchase.

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