A visit to the delicious Moroccan cuisine

The Kingdom of Morocco is famous for its traditional delicacies. Dishes Despite their authenticity, they are still the lady of dishes that are served on various official and family occasions. Delicious dishes for fans of diverse foods that combine meat, vegetables and chicken. Dishes are usually not served individually. On various occasions, at least three dishes are served. As you are a visitor to Morocco, do not miss the opportunity to taste the delight of these dishes and enjoy the varied food that combines the different cuisines in a delicious way. Dishes vary in the multiplicity of the Moroccan regions, where there are many famous foods in the regions of Morocco, different cultural, linguistic and geographical. But the dishes that we will provide to you are famous in most regions of the Kingdom, and have received great response from visitors and lovers of traditional dishes inside and outside. So do not miss the opportunity to eat five Moroccan dishes, which we offer as follows:

The tagine

Moroccan clay tagine is famous for its flavor and diversity. It is a dish prepared either from vegetables and meat or from chicken. The most famous Moroccan tajine is plum or almond and egg tagine, which is served on various occasions. The tagine dish is usually prepared over the coal until it becomes more delicious, and takes enough time to cook. What appears in the tagine is meat and vegetables, but it is prepared from different materials by adding olives and dry fruits with a mixture of Moroccan spices.


A traditional Moroccan dish prepared from soft cereal flour from barley, or wheat, by adding vegetables of all kinds, shapes and meat. The couscous dish is prepared in a perforated vessel with small holes called couscous, which allows hot steam to pass into the couscous, a vapor coming from the lower container in which you cook vegetables and meat. The couscous dish gained Moroccan fame and became the main dish of various Moroccan families and cafes on Friday.


The original Fassi pastilla dish is a pastry dish inside a thin sheet, a salted or sweet dish that contains chicken, pigeon meat, fish, almonds, eggs and honey with a few saffron and other spices. Sprinkle with cinnamon powder and sugar powder, until served according to a sweet treat for guests.


This authentic Moroccan dish is known as a dish presented at the occasion of childbirth. A plate made of chicken mixed with the tiraida, which is a paste of cereal flour in the form of circles cooked on top of oil, cut into cubes. A dish containing hot food and spices, the most famous of which is “Ras Al-Hanout”, helps to obtain immunity against colds.


The Tanjia dish is one of the most famous dishes in Marrakesh, Morocco. The city’s fame earned the dish its reputation in Morocco and abroad. A delicious dish made mainly of meat, garlic, cumin, saffron, lemon and free ghee. It is one of the delicious dishes, which are served as a hot meal for guests. The dish is usually cooked with traditional ovens located in the popular neighborhoods. Also, many cafes and hotels offer the dish to visitors.

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