Agadir seawater desalination project ‘one of the largest’ projects in Africa and the Mediterranean

The director general of the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water, Abdelrahim Al-Hafizi, confirmed on Thursday that the Acadair seawater desalination project is one of the largest in Morocco, the Mediterranean and Africa.

Al-Hafizi, in a statement to the press on the occasion of his Majesty the King’s launch of the watering network from the Seawater Desalination Plant of Agadir, highlighted that this is a ‘highly structured and innovative’ project, especially in the field of rationalizing production costs, and the first of its kind in combining the production of potable water And watering watering.

He pointed out that this project will enable the completion of one of the largest desalination plants in the Mediterranean and Africa with a capacity of 275 thousand cubic meters per day, of which 150 thousand cubic meters per day directed to the water of drink, adding that this project will also enable the benefit of about 1.6 million A feature of drinking water in the greater Agadir area, it will also work to develop the agricultural economy and everything related to the problem of irrigation.

Al-Hafizi explained that this is a project “in which we took into account the cost factor of production, which is of the utmost importance, in accordance with the directives of His Majesty King Mohammed VI,”, noting that the cost per cubic meter produced from desalination of seawater is very high globally.

On the other hand, the public official highlighted three axes that have been working to reduce the cost of production. The first relates to the use of state-of-the-art technologies to reduce the energy cost of production, which is developed through a system that has a very positive impact on the cost of production per cubic metre and reduces it by about 43 per cent.

The second axis, according to the official, is to link the desalination plant to a wind power plant as Morocco ‘has strong energy potential and is one of the few countries that produce wind power at a very low cost’.

For the third axis, Al-Hafizi recorded that it relates to the transportof desalination water from the desalination plant to the distribution network of The Great Agadir, highlighting that ‘we have benefited from the geographical location of the destination to mobilize the power of attraction and avoid the use of electric power in this transport, allowing to reduce the cost of production cubic meter.’

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