Al-Othmani: Morocco controls the Corona pandemic … and lethality is shrinking

Saad al-Din al-Othmani, the Prime Minister, praised the efforts of all those involved in facing the epidemic of “Corona” virus, and stressed that “the Kingdom was able, thanks to several factors, to” control and control the development of the pandemic, as confirmed by the evolution of the numbers recorded in recent days. “

Al-Othmani said, in a speech on the occasion of the convening of the government council today, Thursday, that “Praise be to God, the cases of recovery are increasing day by day, and during the last days the number of cases has increased, and the number of deaths has decreased very significantly, although the loss of one soul constitutes a loss not Compensates. “

The Prime Minister highlighted that “the index related to lethality in our country has moved from 7 per cent, which is a worrying rate, to less than 4 per cent and tends to equal the level of the lowest percentages in the world, thanks to the concerted efforts of all and the interventions of the competent authorities, especially health professionals who are In the first row in the face of this pandemic. “

Al-Othmani reiterated the need to continue to adhere to the quarantine procedures and the various measures taken by the government and relevant authorities in this regard, in order to move beyond the stage.

In his speech, Al-Othmani indicated that “this difficult ordeal carries with it some opportunities that must be exploited; among them is the opportunity to push the various interveners to develop digitization services at the level of public administration, and to develop the use of remote work means, including the continuation of the government council regularly , For carrying out all his constitutional duties. “

At the beginning of his speech, the prime minister renewed the expression of “the pride of the government and all components of the Moroccan people, led by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God protect him and his victory, and His Majesty’s initiatives at this difficult stage experienced by all countries in the world, which are marked by health difficulties associated with the spread of the Corona pandemic, and economic difficulties Related to the arrest of an important part of economic life in most of the countries of the world, and social difficulties resulting from the massive partial halt of the economic wheel, “and the repercussions of this pandemic” will undoubtedly be repercussions on the cultural level and many other levels. “

And Othmani stressed that “our country, under the leadership of His Majesty the King, may God preserve him and his victory, gave the model of a country that operates with a proactive and forward-looking policy that gives priority to the human being and to his health and to the safety and health of society; which made Morocco, thanks to God and thanks to the rational monarchy policy, a model that gives an example.”

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