Andalusian nature and spirit .. Learn about the beauty of tourism in Morocco

 it, in addition to enjoying the mountains, the desert, the beautiful beaches and the traditional Moroccan culture that deserves to be explored.

Although it does not receive much attention from Arab tourists in the presence of other options, such as Turkey, Morocco is a wonderful family destination that gives visitors of all ages the opportunity to stroll and entertain, and it combines adventure and relaxation.

The best seasons of tourism in Morocco extend from March to May, as this period is characterized by mild and beautiful weather, and light rain falls, in addition to warm and comfortable weather for tourism in general.

Tourism plays an important role in the Moroccan economy, as it is the basic nucleus of the services sector, and it owns many world heritage sites such as the archaeological site “Louleli”, the palace “Ait Ben Haddou” and the old city of Fez.

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Among the most important Moroccan tourist destinations with a charming nature is the town of “Ifrane” or “Switzerland Switzerland Morocco” located on the mountains of the Mediterranean, it is an area attractive to tourists with its waterfalls and the picturesque green nature.

Ifrane is characterized by snow that covers the slopes of its mountains in autumn and winter, and the weather is moderate in summer and spring. These forests were in the history of the Moroccan resistance, and their inhabitants are inhabited by rare types of birds and animals that tourists love to see.

In addition to the beauty of its trees, gardens, and flowers, the city is characterized by its waterfalls, lakes, and flowing peach water in the “valleys of Ifrane valley” and “Virgin Falls” waterfalls.

Among the world tourist destinations, not Arab or African even, Casablanca or “Casablanca” as it is called globally, it is the largest and most beautiful city in Morocco, bordering the Moroccan coast and the country’s economic capital.

Casablanca is a city rich in diverse and wonderful tourist places and parks such as the Arab League Garden, which dates back to the year 1913, and designed in the style of French gardens on an area of ​​more than 30 hectares.

The garden includes many types of plants, such as tall palm trees that surround large green areas, and there are several entertainment places for children, and cafes that attract families to spend the best times in them.


The old city of Casablanca is one of the most important tourist places in Casablanca and Morocco in general, as it includes historical monuments represented by old mosques and antique houses. From buildings designed in the French architectural style, in addition to prestigious and prestigious shops.


– Marrakech and the Andalusian character

The city of Marrakech, with its Andalusian character, has a large share of tourists as well, as it is characterized by its charming beauty and its picturesque nature, in which it harmonizes and mixes the beauty of the present and the splendor of the past.

It includes many museums and monuments that attract tourists, in addition to many wonderful tourist sites that make the holiday another taste, as there are a number of restaurants, cafes, markets and leisure activities available.

One of the most famous tourist places in Marrakech is “El Fna Square”, which is the beating heart of the city where many stalls, snake takers, storytellers, and puzzles as well as musicians gather, making it attract thousands of visitors from all over the world to learn about the rich heritage that the city enjoys, Sitting in one of the surrounding cafes or eating an authentic Moroccan meal in the restaurants there.


Rich tropical gardens

The “Majorelle” gardens are among the most beautiful and most attractive parks for tourists in Marrakech, Morocco, which are tropical gardens distinctive in their design and mix between colors and green nature.

The gardens contain various plants, some of which are rare, collected from the five continents, among which are cacti, palms and ferns.

Among the highlights of the city is the “Bahia Palace”, whose construction dates back to the Alevi state in the 19th century, attracting tourists from all over the world to learn about the splendor of Moroccan architecture that appears in the royal wings of the palace, halls, gardens and water basins.

Palais_Bahia_ (The_Bahia_Palace) _ (7346181900)

The Almoravid dome is considered the oldest landmark of Marrakech, dating back to the year 1064. It was built as a ablution house for worshipers in the Ben Youssef Mosque, and reflects the Almoravid architecture through its solid construction that was not affected by the fluctuations of time.


As for lovers of coastal tourism, they should visit the city of Agadir, which is distinguished by its mild weather, its long beaches that extend over an area of ​​30 kilometers, in addition to its golden sands and its bright sun for 300 days a year.

Agadir also contains many luxury hotels and resorts located on the beaches, which have open paths towards the beach, in addition to facilities for sports activities, such as tennis, golf, equestrian, and others.

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