Fez The Capital Of Ancient Moroccan Foods

Find out the reasons that made Fez the capital of the ancient Moroccan cuisine and the most important places and celebrations for food in this wonderful Moroccan city.

The Moroccan city of Fez was known and used as a beacon for science and culture, and attracted tourists from all parts of the earth to see its features, its effects and its amazing homes, but what some people do not know is that it sits on the throne of Moroccan cuisine, which comes second in the world after the French cuisine, and it is known that culture Put its mark on all aspects of life, including the food plate, so how is the situation if this culture is described as diversity and richness in the city of Fez, as it brings together Arab, Berber, African, Andalusian, Western, and Eastern cultures, and if these civilizational “spices” meet in a fascinating “cook”? The fact that the result table of delicious dishes that indescribable.

The Moroccan cuisine in general, and El Fassi in particular, are distinguished with the flavors of the visible spices, and the focus on vegetables and fruits cooked with meat or chicken. The “tagine” and “couscous” are the most famous names in the world of Moroccan cooking.

In order for the idea to become clearer, you can imagine that the city of Fez holds an annual cooking festival that runs from 29 to 31 October, where the most skilled chefs from all over the world meet to master in preparing the most delicious traditional Moroccan dishes with new additions and innovations from various international kitchens, and turning alleys And the ancient neighborhoods of Fez, into a workshop and a beehive, smell of delicious bread and the sounds of crowding and hustle that surround street carts, porches of cafes and shops.

In Fez “Tea houses”

Tea as you did not know it before

The green teapot of mint enjoys holiness and respect in every home in Fez, and although families prefer to eat it in homes in a calm and private way, the old city or what is known as “Fez El Bali” abounds in tea houses, cafes and restaurants that make the visitor feel as if he is drinking tea in his home, where The Moroccan councils are designed with intimacy, warmth, and extreme care for the decoration, lighting and decoration. One of these warm places to eat authentic Moroccan meals and enjoy a cup of tea on the balcony overlooking the old city is the café and restaurant “Riad Nassif”, which is considered “casserole” and “couscous” with Moroccan bread. Major A. To this restaurant, and its food halls are characterized by the trimmings and “mosaic” that surround the walls and columns with dim lighting from the upper foyer for more tranquility and luxury, and the food ritual here ends with a bowl of orange slices with cinnamon flavor and a piece of delicious sponge cake.

And for another food trip in Fez, we will go for coffee or tea, I don’t know which one you prefer, in The Ruined Garden Café. This time the mint tea cup comes with fire stoves in a spacious and beautiful garden, and one can have his food or drink outdoors or under a “shed” “Or a small cottage, what a beautiful glow of fire at night, wrapped in silence and drawn by a taste of contentment and comfort.

Fez continues to offer rainbow colors of flavors and exclusive recipes in the “Dar Al Saada” restaurant, which can be a home of happiness indeed, at least the “happiness” of the stomach with unparalleled dishes of Moroccan tagine cooked with meat or chicken, and this restaurant appears at first glance from The outside is an ordinary place that is unrecognizable, and as soon as the visitor enters it, he feels that he has entered a palace of “Sherazade” as in fairy tales, where luxury, trimmings and luxurious decorations surround the lunch or dinner as if you were on a date to eat with one of the kings or princes, It is an experience that you can truly live by booking a hotel in Medina Fes, especially when booking a hotel in the city center or the old district

Street Food Festival In Fez

Food is Everywhere end in All Forms

If we are talking about the “greatness” surrounding the ancient Fez restaurants, this does not mean that there is no place for “sandwiches” or popular dishes in Fez, but quite the opposite. It is one of the few cities in the world that lives a “wedding” daily and a tumultuous festival of stalls, carts and shops. In the narrow lanes and alleys, and in the public and private squares that celebrate the wedding of food to the fullest, have you tried different and varied Moroccan bread such as Harsh bread or loaf? Surely the irresistible smell of bread will guide you to the traditional bread ovens that abound in the old Medina of Fez.

As for “al-Bisara”, it is a winter weapon that has proven its worth in protecting the people of Fez from the cold of “hunger” and weather alike. It is a hot plate of peeled beans with vegetables, spices and olive oil, and it can be eaten easily from shops and carts in the market.

In addition to “sausage” sandwiches and dazzling sardines, those who are fond of “unusual” dishes can enjoy a meal of “cooked” sheep, “snail” soup or a camel’s spleen, even food sometimes requires great audacity and courage to taste it!

And in order not to get overeating from fatty and delicious foods; the mood must be “adjusted” with a taste of exceptional sweets called “gazelle heel”, no need to worry, these sweets have nothing to do with deer feet but they are called so just because the similarities between them no more, and they are said to be from the oldest Sweets in the Maghreb and the city of Fez is the first to make this delicious dessert, which is a sweet dough stuffed with almonds and takes the shape of a crescent.

International Cuisine Famous In Fez

Food From All Over The World

The dishes in the city of Fez are not limited to Moroccan cuisine only; the city also includes a large number of the finest international restaurants and kitchens, as French, Italian, Asian and other well-known kitchens can be enjoyed on your visit to Le 44 Cafe Restaurant, you can taste the most delicious Italian pasta dishes Delicious with touches of excellent Moroccan spices and spices, this restaurant is located in the “great horoscope” tourist area and has a beautiful atmosphere that mixes Western decor and furniture with authenticity and oriental fragrant Fassi.

In the vicinity of this place you will find Cafe Clock, this international cafe which has become a must-visit for every traveler to Fes. This restaurant consists of 3 floors with a roof terrace and views of the minarets and narrow streets of Fez, and serves various Moroccan and international dishes, with “burger” sandwiches Prepared from the meat of camels, in addition to fresh juices, we recommend here irresistible lemon juice, and dishes from desserts that are supervised by preparing and decorating them by professional chefs. Art in this place is not limited to food dishes only, but to the cooking courses held by this center, as well Organizes inspirational movies and music shows along with meals Which brings with great care, attention and love.

Amani Palace Hotel

Learn Moroccan Cooking Arts

The experience of booking the Amani Palace Hotel in Fes is one of the few enjoyable experiences that combines staying in a five-star luxury hotel with the wearing of cooking uniforms and diving in the preparation of food. This restored old-fashioned palace with modern amenities and entertainment represents a vivid example of an experience. Authentic Moroccan food and cuisine, and regardless of the beauty of the place that is overwhelmed by the Moroccan character, mosaic and amazing marble with an interior garden that includes dozens of types of flowers and fragrant trees; regardless of all these aesthetics, the hotel offers international cooking workshops led by skilled chefs from all over the world.

After receiving you with Moroccan tea with mint flavor and a dish of sweets, head to the kitchen department to start a workshop at the highest level, where the group usually consists of six people led by the supervisor on a tour to the adjacent old market, in order to identify the most important materials and spices used in preparing dishes The distinctive Moroccan, then return to the hotel and prepare the desired dish; the lesson ends with eating the most delicious “Moroccan tagine” on the hotel’s balcony overlooking the city. The cost of this “food trip” and the reservation of the Amani Palace Hotel is approximately $ 108.

Just as the guest is warmly greeted with a cup of tea, he is also bid farewell to a bouquet of exclusive recipes and valuable Moroccan spices as a souvenir that continues to affect beyond Fez.

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