kasbah agadiroufella

Kasbah of Agadir (Agadir Oufella)

It is the most beautiful site of Agadir, the citadel dominates the ocean and the city from the top of its 236 meters, it was erected by Mohammed Ech-Sheikh (Founder of the Sadian Dynasty) in 1540 to lead the siege of the city and then to protect itself from Portuguese attacks. The square was reinforced two centuries later, in 1752, by Moulay Abdallah who installed a garrison of two thousand men. After the earthquake, only the sections of the wall of wall, partially repaired, and the front door on which an inscription in Dutch ‘Fear God and respect the king’ remain, recalls that the Netherlands set up a post there in 1746 under sovereignty Sultan Sadian. This site is a great place to watch the sunset over the bay.

The Kasbah or Casbah of Agadir (named Agadir Oufella in tachelhit, i.e. Agadir-d’en-Haut) is the most majestic site in the city. It is a fortress overlooking the city as well as the beach and culminating at a height of 236 meters. It overlooks the ocean at more than 216 m on the heights of Oufella, offering a magnificent panorama of the city, the bay and the hinterland. Agadir Oufella was erected in 1540 by Mohammed Ech-Sheikh, a Moroccan king of the Saadian dynasty. After conquering the city, the latter built these walls in order to protect itself from possible invasions, especially Portuguese ones.

During their walk, visitors will not forget that this fortress contained the oldest district of Agadir, at the time composed of small alleys and cheerful residents. Its ramparts and front door have been restored while the remains of this former stronghold have been transformed into a necropolis. It is accessed by a road offering a magnificent panorama.

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