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“Maroc Telecom” contributes 1.5 billion dirhams to the “Corona Fund”

Morocco Telecom, the kingdom’s largest telecom company, has announced a contribution to the Corona pandemic management fund of 1.5 billion dirhams. This came in a press statement to the company, today, Monday, on the financial results for the first semester of this year.

In its press release, the company said that the first quarter of this year was marked by an unprecedented health crisis at the international level linked to the Covid-19 epidemic.

And “Maroc Telecom” confirmed that it worked to ensure the continuity of its activity under good conditions, whether in terms of its network capabilities or at the level of call centers and agencies.

The author added: “In the context of general mobilization and in the same way as the major groups in the country, Maroc Telecom decided to contribute to the Corona pandemic management fund with an amount of approximately 1.5 billion dirhams.”

Regarding its subsidiaries located in a number of countries, the Maroc Telecom report stated that it has taken measures to ensure the continuity of services and prevention in cooperation with the relevant authorities in each country, stressing that it will make its efforts to reduce the impact of the crisis on its activities.

Since the creation of this fund upon instructions from King Mohammed VI, Moroccan companies and institutions have rushed to contribute contributions that amounted to 30 billion dirhams, in addition to 10 billion from the state’s general budget.

Members of the government, parliamentarians and constitutional institutions, as well as citizens, have also participated in the national solidarity campaign through financial donations that can be deposited into the fund’s bank account, or send short text messages of 10 dirhams per one.

The fund’s resources are directed mainly to rehabilitating the national health system to cope with the outbreak of the Corona virus, in addition to supporting the national economy and providing direct support to the workers and families affected by the health emergency.

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