Moroccan delicious and famous sweets

The great and delicious Maghreb … one of the most wonderful civilizations on earth and the crown of the Arab and Amazigh nation. Moroccan civilization is famous for its heritage of clothing, architecture, pottery and delicious dishes, as well as unique Moroccan sweets. These exquisite oriental sweets are sold in markets and restaurants and are also served in homes throughout the year and on festive occasions.

We collected for you the most famous and delicious Moroccan sweets, so that you can learn about them through pictures and text .. Health, wellness, happiness and recovery!

Ka’b El Ghazal

Among the most famous Moroccan sweets, it has its distinguished name “Ka’b El Ghazal”, due to its shape, which looks like a deer heel. Made from delicate dough stuffed with ground almonds and breezed with lemon blossom water. It is served on all occasions all year round and in cafes and restaurants. It is usually engraved as a way to decorate its look.


It is one of the delicious Moroccan sweets for the holy month of Ramadan, but it is also prepared for the postpartum during the time of her birth, as it contains sweets containing many nutritional benefits. The dessert consists of different contents such as flour, salmon, sesame, cinnamon, etc. However, the method of preparing it varies according to the different regions in Morocco. It is cold and easy to prepare sweets. This famous Moroccan sweet is served cold with tea, coffee or milk.


One of the most famous and most difficult Moroccan sweets to prepare; it requires skill in cooking due to the artistic appearance. The dessert contains many compounds and has a semisweet half-honey flavor. Serve cold or at room temperature with tea, coffee, or Moroccan Harira soup. It is also called Quraish and is frequently served during the holy month of Ramadan.

The Moroccan Raieb

It is also called Moroccan Berkani raieb. It is considered one of the easiest and fastest recipes and contains milk, yogurt, vanilla, sugar and served with glass cups. Sometimes a red or green colorring is added to it, and it is decorated with fresh and dried fruit and chocolate bars. It is popular in Moroccan cafes and homes. It is refreshing and serves cool to children and adults as one. Moroccan sweet, very popular and delicious.


An elegant Moroccan dessert, with the predominant flavor of grated coconut, which gives it a look of snow. One of the most amazing reasons for being a favorite dessert among Moroccans is its melting in the mouth when consumed, thanks to its basic contents that include butter, flour, and sometimes jam or dates. Serve cold with a cup of tea all year round


It has many types, but the most popular and famous among Moroccans is the “Ghriba Bahla” characterized by cracks on its surface. It consists mainly of yeast and is famous for its simple preparation. It is served with tea on holidays and on all occasions and days of the year. Sometimes add almonds. A famous Moroccan sweet we advise you to try it on your next trip to Morocco.

Dates and walnuts

It is the simplest and fastest Moroccan dessert to prepare, but also one of the most delicious. Bones are removed from the dates to be replaced by nuts and served cold or at room temperature after eating or while drinking coffee, tea and refreshing cold drinks. This dessert is served all over the Arab world and also all over Morocco.


Simple and delicious Moroccan dessert, which is fattened and fried dough or baked in the oven. This dessert is famous as a Moroccan breakfast all year round. Serve hot and add honey, jam or cheese to it, accompanied by coffee and tea. Health and wellness.

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