Morocco flag meaning

The flag of the State of Morocco is one of the distinctive flags, which are distinguished by its Islamic nature, just as the general form and color of the flag have a special meaning. The flag of the State of Morocco has gone through many developments over the ages until it reached the current form.

The meanings of the colors in the flag of Morocco

The flag of Morocco is a red background, and in the middle there is a five-pointed star, green in color and in every color and form of meaning, as follows:
Red: The red color indicates the blood of the martyrs who prayed for the country and for the defense of the country.
Green: Green refers to green land and indicates growth and fertile land.
Five-pointed star: The five-star star refers to the five pillars of Islam, which gives Islamic character to science, and indicates that Islam is the official religion of Morocco.

The final form of the Moroccan flag was reached in 1915, and in 2010, the Moroccan flag entered the Guinness Book of Records, where a flag of about 60,000 meters was made and it weighed about 20 tons.

History of the flag of the State of Morocco

In the period of Umayyad rule

The white flag was the official flag of Morocco in the period from the eighth century to the ninth century, where during the reign of the Umayyad dynasty, leader Musa bin Naseer created a city called Tangier, and during this period he entered seductive Islam and gave it to his people, and the official flag for them during this period was a white flag, then After that a revolution occurred in Morocco led by Prince Idris, and they created a new city to make it the political and religious capital for them, and it was called the city of Fez, then after the death of Prince Idris II the state weakened a lot and became coveted for many.

From the ninth century until the seventeenth century

In 1026, the Almoravids stormed Morocco, coming from the Atlantic Mountains, and they seized the reins of rule and they were hard-line Muslims. Then, after that, their militancy gradually diminished. And the armies had to carry these flags as each group consisting of 100 knights carried these flags, then a great fighting took place between the Almohads and the Almoravids, where Ibn Tumart, the leader of the Almohads ruled the whole of North Africa and Spain as well.

From the seventeenth century to today

In the seventeenth century the Alevis ruled Morocco and changed the flag until it became a red flag.
Then in 1915 the five-pointed star was added to the flag to be distinguished from any other flags.

General information about the country of Morocco

It is the Kingdom of Morocco, and it is one of the Arab countries which is located in the continent of Africa, specifically in northwest Africa, and the capital of Morocco Rabat, and the economic capital of Morocco is the city of Casablanca, where it is one of the largest countries in Morocco in terms of area, the currency used in Morocco, the Moroccan dirham, and the system of government in it My property and its current king is King Mohammed VI bin Al Hassan, according to the latest statistics with a population of about 35 million people. Among the most important cities in Morocco are the city of Salé, the city of Marrakesh, the city of Fez, the city of Meknes, the city of Tangier, the city of Safi, the city of Tetouan, the city of Wazzan and the city of Jeddah.

The city of Rabat is distinguished by its magical location, which is located on the ecclesiastical ocean. It also has many important historical monuments such as the Hassan Mosque, Hassan Tower, and Mara Market. There are also some relics of the ancient wall that used to surround the city. Marrakech is also an important city in Morocco, it is the largest city in Morocco It is one of the tourist cities and it has many rivers such as the Orika River. There are also snowy mountains such as Yagur Mountain. There are forests like palm jungle and there is also a desert. This diversity is what makes it a destination for many tourists

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