Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley, Agadir … The magic of nature

An exceptional tourist site that its foreign discoverers called “Al-Hibi” movement in the sixties and seventies, Wadi Al-Jannah, and the tourist site was known worldwide as an international gathering point for the adherents of the “Al-Hibi” global movement.

The people of Agadir kept the name because of the relationship of the name to the sanctity of the divine world that God promised the true Muslims, and therefore the majority of visitors to Agadir do not know it, but even the majority of its inhabitants.

 The indigenous people say that the original and authentic name of the region in the Amazigh is “Taghraat Ankrim”. It was called the Valley of Paradise, or “Paradise Valley” or “Green Valley” because it travels a narrow crust waving in its sky the colors of the bright sunlight between the mountain rocks, the moon lights leaking between the thrones of the pillars, and the shades of thrones of palm trees extending to the water of the lakes, forming a natural image similar to .

The nature, 34 km from Agadir, by the Wadi Assal Road “Asif n Tamant”, which leads to the waterfalls of Imouzar Idautnan Mountains, formed the site of “Paradise Valley” amid the rug of greenery, the palm oasis and the pillars.

The tourist site is characterized by its natural ingredients in harmony, harmony and rare harmony, between its large rocks and its flowing valleys throughout the year, with its desert trees in the palm oasis, and its mountainous nature covered with the pillars of trees classified in the Souss region as a world heritage next to the olive trees, figs and bananas, and its water basins carved among the mountains rocks Imusar the majestic.

To reach it, the road leading to “Paradise Valley”, seven kilometers in length, must cross a narrow spiral path, constructed along the valley on the Fj line leading to “Paradise Valley”, and the road leading to the tourist village Imouzar.

 It is reached through the urban center of Aourir, then passes through the Douar Tameroot, Tadrin, Emergreen, Anarran, Tamzarkot and the abandoned Taghazout until reaching the Assif Roundabout of Negrat Nangarim or “Paradise Valley”.

 Developed by the Ministry of Tourism with the assistance of the United States Agency for International Development, a beautiful path has been established along three kilometers amid attractive scenery, intended for people who love walking and hiking, and for men looking for fun in the nature.

And it has become equipped with two parking lots for visitors to “Paradise Valley”, who need to travel distances on the legs to reach the hot spot of beauty, aesthetic vision, and the splendor of the place.

The site gives visitors stunning views, clean, clean air, unique plants, trees, medicinal and aromatic plants on the slopes of mountain slopes, growing in a barren climate, at a level of altitude above sea level between 305 meters.

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