“Quarantine” in Corona’s time stops the livelihood of street artists

In light of the continuation of the “health emergency” situation, the “Moroccan Federation for Street Arts” announces its “serious concern” about the “critical situation in which most street artists and artists live, as a result of the quarantine repercussions and the accompanying preventive measures taken by the Moroccan official authorities to prevent and limit the spread of Pandemic Corona Outbreak “.

And federalism stated in its “appeal” that it is deeply concerned about the critical situation of the group of street artists who used to work in public places automatically, and who were earning their living from their participation in festivals and national artistic demonstrations, and street musicians, circus practitioners and performing arts practitioners in streets and squares Moroccan cities.

Federalism has raised the need for “the attention of the official authorities and the guardian sector” during this crisis because “these groups of artists whose activities are related to the streets and public spaces, and the festivals and cultural demonstrations that are currently available, have lost all their job opportunities, paralyzed the various forms of their work, with all the implications of that. Material, social and psychological. ” This requires urgent intervention of the culture sector, and “doing what is appropriate to mitigate the repercussions of the current situation on this affected group, in order to avoid the aggravation of the situation.”

In its appeal, the Street Arts Federation expressed its hope for “the response of the official authorities” in implementation of the recommendations of King Mohammed VI, and his directives to take care of the various segments of society in this difficult circumstance, including “street artists and artists in general, led by a group of street workers in an informal manner.” Note that most of them do not have the artist’s card, nor any alternative income, in addition to the permanent fragility that is defined in the field of street arts.

Tariq Al-Rabah, Vice President of the Moroccan Federation of Street Arts, said that artists in general are in a vulnerable situation, and the street artists category is the most fragile among them, because the independents of them come out spontaneously to perform creative, and do not deal with institutions, and they have a special way of life imposed by their work, nor a financial resource To them except when they perform on the street.

The speaker explained that emptying the streets and squares ruled “almost deathly” on street artists because “their lives stop”, and they have no resources, and they cannot do anything, and “since most of them are not accustomed to administrations and formal transactions, they have neither the artist’s card nor Something like that, so their situation is critical. “

These artists need, according to Tariq Al-Rabah, “the care of the culture sector in the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, and earthy representations, because they work in the public space,” and he added that “their support methods are many, either direct subsidies because their condition is critical, or thinking of alternative methods to create job opportunities for them , Either recordings made on their behalf in favor of these official institutions and their pages, or things of that nature. “

To make matters worse, the speaker adds a vision that expresses itself today and questions the need for art in this period, stating that “We cannot kill people now while waiting for the people to become conscious, and just as the military remains in the peace period until we need it in conditions like these” ; There are times when we need artists more, but there is no period that we never need them. “

The Vice-President of the Moroccan Federation of Street Arts stressed the need to “help these artists until this stage passes and return to the public spaces to work in,” because “we have to help any social group and we found how we can help”, and “each group should pay attention to the groups closest to it.”

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