Raja and Wydad contribute tickets to the Corona Fund

The Moroccan football titles Raja and Wydad Casablanca are again involved in comprehensive mobilization efforts to counter the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, by organizing online sales of tickets whose revenues will be fully donated to the benefit of the new Corona Virus pandemic management fund.

Club officials affirmed that athletes and fans, like all other components of society, are committed to the values ​​of national solidarity and are involved in efforts to mitigate the effects of this crisis.

In a press statement, the president of the Wydad Sports Club, Saeed Al-Nasiri, highlighted that the Red Castle team put up for sale 60 thousand tickets at 30 dirhams “to participate in a virtual match against the Corona virus.”

Al-Nasiri revealed that about 15,000 tickets have been sold so far, noting that this initiative, in addition to a similar one, “reflects the virtue of solidarity among all Moroccans, who thus respond to the call of the nation.”

In a similar statement, President of Raja Casablanca Jawad Al-Zayat said that the club offered tickets for a “virtual match against this pandemic”, indicating that in a very short time about 5,000 tickets were sold.

He expressed his belief that all components of the club, especially those involved, will contribute to the fund for the management of the new Corona pandemic (Covid-19).

To maintain the bridge of communication with its supporters, starting from its day at 8:00 pm, Rajaa Club will launch documentary tapes and video clips on its contact page in the blue space (Facebook), reviewing the most important historical stations and the most powerful moments that furnish the golden record of vegetables.

The presidents of both prestigious clubs in the economic metropolis of the Kingdom did not miss reminding the large masses of the importance of complying with the instructions and preventive directives issued by the competent authorities in dealing with this pandemic.

And by virtue of their wide public base, the Moroccan football pole, the Club of Raja and the Wydad Casablanca were two races to join in the awareness and awareness campaign about ways to prevent and respond to the new Corona virus (Covid-19), in order to ensure the safety and security of Moroccan citizens.

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