The city of Marrakech, the first tourist destination in Morocco and the most beautiful cities in Morocco, Marrakech is characterized by the charm of the beauty of its gardens, the purity of its air and its ancient architecture, which reduces the history of the ancient city.

The area of ​​the city is estimated at about 230 square kilometers, and it has been described as “the red, spacious, and delicate city, between the free, hot, shady, snow and palm trees.”

The city of Marrakech has many tourist places, including:

Jamaâ El Fna Square

Jamaâ El Fna Square is located in the city of Marrakech, Morocco, and it is a popular courtyard for entertainment, watching and shopping for the residents of Marrakech and the tourists who come to it, and it is the beating heart of the city, it is a meeting point that visitors and tourists from most regions of the world come to enjoy seeing the beautiful performances, especially the snake shows. And the narrators of the wonderful stories and riddles, Jemaa El-Fna Square was classified as a list of intangible human heritage by UNESCO during the year 2001 AD.

Marrakech souks

Marrakech’s largest and most famous market in Morocco, it is famous all over the world as one of the most exotic places to shop, it represents the oldest part of the city, the markets are often north of the Jemaa El-Fna square in alleys and small streets, and a group of vendors has established their workshops in the back streets of Marrakech which makes the souks one of the most vibrant places in the city.

Majorelle Garden

Majorelle Garden is a tourist destination par excellence. Hidden behind the high walls, this place contains many plants, of all kinds and from all over the world, Majorelle Garden is the perfect and almost inevitable place for beautiful memorial photos.

Koutoubia Mosque

He is an Islamic teacher built in the year 1158AD during the reign of the Almohads by Abd al-Mumin al-Kumi.

Bahia Palace

Palace built in 1880 by the great minister Ba Ahmed. The best craftsmen of that time participated in its construction.

Lighthouse Gardens

It is a large swimming tank and a large garden planted with olive trees built during the reunification of Almohads to train soldiers to swim.

Secret Garden

Located in the antique city of Marrakech, the Secret Garden is a historical landmark dating back to the Saadian dynasty. Reflecting the splendor of Moroccan architecture, it offers two green spaces. “Tropical Garden” where the living plants of all continents and “Islamic Garden” is inspired by the description of Paradise mentioned in the Holy Quran.

Badi Palace

Al-Badi Palace is the jewel of Islamic art, built by Sultan Ahmed Al-Mansur between 1568 and 1603.

Marrakesh Museum

It is located in the center of Marrakesh. Near the Ben Youssef Historical School, the museum was built at the end of the nineteenth century by Mahdi Menbhi, the palace was restored by the Omar Benjelloun Foundation and converted into a museum in 1997, the house itself is a museum representing the beauty of traditional architecture, featuring modern and traditional art with Moroccan art, from historical books, pottery, and Moroccan coins.

Aknau Gate

Among the doors that the Almohads supported the Kasbah of Marrakesh with several gates, some of which disappeared, and none of them remains, except this door of Avnau, which is still lying in front of the mosque silo, and it is the main door to the Almohad Palace, which is unique in its unique shape and unique engineering.

The Almoravid dome

The Almoravid dome is one of the ancient historical monuments in Marrakech, its construction dates back to the eleventh century, was built during the reign of Sultan Ali bin Yusuf al-Murabidy in 1106 and 1143.

Dar El-Said Museum

The Dar El Si Said Museum is one of the luxury traditional houses in Marrakesh, which was established in the second half of the nineteenth century by Saeed bin Musa, who was exercising the functions of a minister of war during the reign of the Sultan Abdul-Aziz.

Bin Youssef School

The Ben Youssef Madrasa in Marrakesh is one of the most famous schools of the Far East. It is an architectural masterpiece dating back to the era of the Marinid dynasty, built by Sultan Abu al-Hasan al-Marini in 747 AH, 1346 AD.

The walls of Marrakesh

The historic walls of Marrakesh were built around the city in 1126 and 1127 AD to protect the city and fortify the seat of government at that time.

The length of these walls is nine kilometers, all of which were built with crushed dirt or what is locally termed “louh” or “atbia”.

Yves Saint Laurent Museum

The Yves Saint Laurent Museum is a museum dedicated to the creator, French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent opened in Marrakech in October 2017. The museum is located next to the Majorelle Garden on a total area of ​​four thousand square meters, it includes a permanent space to display Yves Saint Laurent works, and a exhibition hall Temporary, search library, cafe, restaurant ..

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