A group of social media activists in Morocco launched a campaign to encourage domestic tourism after the end of the Corona crisis in our countries, where they asked the Moroccans to support their country’s tourism instead of thinking about traveling to foreign destinations.

The campaign, which received a great interaction, calls for greater attention to the rich tourism potential of Morocco through the selection of domestic tourist destinations, which will be positively reflected on tourism in our country, especially after the repercussions of the current crisis.

In parallel with that, and to stimulate domestic tourism, and in partnership with the National Tourism Confederation, a poll was launched on the “Tourism Post” platform to find out the most tourist destinations that tempt Moroccans.

This session is considered according to a communication that a gift from Brice reached with a copy of it is the fourth for this poll launched by the same platform with the National Confederation of Tourism, where voting will continue on the preferred domestic destination until the 20th of this month, which coincides with the expected date to end the quarantine.

In a statement to her about this poll, dreams of Jabbar, director of the interactive platform, confirmed that: “Domestic tourism is becoming more than ever today a key factor in the tourism sector, and therefore the poll, in addition to all the communication campaign associated with it, is not intended Not only to highlight the tourist destinations of the country, but also seeks to know the upcoming trends after the end of the quarantine and the domestic tourist destinations that Moroccans prefer.

It should be noted that the previous session, which saw the registration of at least 95,473 opinions of respondents from 37 countries, was issued by Ouarzazate, followed by Dakhla, then Fez, as the best internal destinations.

Each previous session of the event was marked by the organization of a large demonstration, during which prizes are distributed to the local authorities, the elected and the tourist actors for the leader, in the presence of all the national media.

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