Tourism in Tafraout, the fascination of nature

The city of Tafraout belonging to the province of Souss-Massa-Draa, located in the southwest of the Kingdom of Morocco, on the outskirts of the Little Atlas Mountains, is the most beautiful natural area in Morocco, it is located at an altitude of approximately 1200 meters amid a region consisting of pink granite stones, and it is the most wonderful landscape Especially the sunset view, 170 km away from the city of Agadir via Ait Baha, and Tafraout means in the Amazigh belief of the branch of water that passes water to other banks or low collecting water, and it is called the gutter that drains rain water from the surfaces, and on a tree in the middle of it along with Leave two barriers in Osha, planting some home flowers Aljamilh.otaatmaz Tafraout which speaks of its population Amazighi, with a range of features of geological Polarized a large number of foreign tourists throughout the year, particularly France and Italy, and their penchant for mountain tourism and seeking natural calm, rock Napoleon based on “
There is a desert oasis not far from Napoleon Rock, on foot between olive and palm trees adjacent to barley fields, argan trees, almonds, carob and olive tree, dedicated to filming American Western films, in addition to the urban formation of the city that is filled with clay-built kasbahs or “Berber plaques” which are still Steadfast and often used by foreign visitors to take pictures.

The tourist authorities in the city suggested organizing tours through four-wheel drive cars or on bicycles, so that the rugged mountain bends and turns do not make it difficult to reach the city, and there are a number of tourists prefer riding animals to live the villagers’ atmosphere, although the region suffers from droughts, the Ait oasis Mansour, which is a half-hour drive from Tafraout, is considered a divine miracle, as the waters are free and the echoes of the valleys are not interrupted throughout the year, although other areas near it suffer the stress of drought.

The surface formation of the city is dominated by the mountainous character, surrounded by a series of mountains of pink and brown color, formed by the elements of erosion, its forms remain strange and strange, and Tafraout is distinguished by its mountain tourism, and dozens of tourists come to it to climb its various mountains, but these giant mountains have a natural characteristic that they prevent them from winds The soft Atlantic Ocean, which makes its summer unbearable with a temperature exceeding 45 degrees, and a harsh winter that sometimes reaches 10 degrees below zero, especially in the Amalen region, Ait Mansour.

Tourists coming to the city of Tafraoute are fascinated by giant colored rocks on the side of the road, which narrate oral accounts as the favorite place of the artist, and the Belgian painter John Viram, who preferred in 1984 to dye those giant rocks with colors that increased the area aesthetic, and he began to color these rocks as a gift to his life partner , And it is considered a tourist destination that attracts thousands of tourists annually.

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