On Friday, President Donald Trump, at the White House, formally presented the American scholar of fair origin, Selawi, alongside American General Gustav Berna; They are the two men on which Trump is counting to find a vaccine for the new Corona virus.

Moncef El-Selawy is a world-class expert in the pharmaceutical industry who lives in the United States of America and former head of the vaccine division of GlaxoSmithKline.

The President of the United States of America praised the experience of Moncef Al-Salawi, and said that the man has a high experience and a world famous in the field of immunity, adding that the experience of Moncef Al-Salawi extends to 10 years during his work in the private sector, and added that “Al-Salawi has an exceptional reputation in the vaccine industry.”

Trump added: “America has scientists and they have high capabilities to find a vaccine for the virus, and we are providing $ 10 billion to support scientific and medical research efforts.”

Trump stressed that Washington is able to find a vaccine before the end of the year, noting that the United States is speeding up the diagnosis and testing process, which reaches 450 projects today.

The US President indicated that Al-Salawi and General Gustav will oversee the evaluation of more than 100 scientific projects to find a vaccine for the emerging “Corona” virus as soon as possible.

“They will have to choose between these projects, and the government is providing unprecedented support and we are putting all resources and everyone is walking at a record speed,” he added.

Munsif Al-Salawi has accumulated promising experiences in the United States of America, and his appointment came within the so-called “Warp Speed” process to accelerate the vaccine development efforts by Washington.

Moncef El-Salawy, former CEO of “GlaxoSmithKline”, a pharmaceutical, physician and researcher of Moroccan origin, will work with US Surgeon General Gustav Perna and will oversee efforts to develop, test and produce the vaccine in a short period of time to combat the pandemic that has hit the world.

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