What is Ramadan ?

The period of Ramadan is a sacred month in the Muslim calendar, since it is the month during which the Koran was revealed to the Prophet Mohamed.

Fasting during the month of Ramadan is the third pillar of Islam. Fasting is therefore compulsory during this period for men as for women from puberty, except for the sick, pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding or are unwell, or travelers … In some cases it is possible to postpone the fast, in others it will be compensated by donations to the poor. Ramadan is not only characterized by fasting: this period is one of abstinence, kindness, charity and gentleness.

Ramadan, 9th lunar month

Ramadan begins the 9th month of the lunar year. Also, traditionally, the beginning of Ramadan is decreed when a religious sees the first crescent moon. Astronomical calculations also predict the date. In France, it is the French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM), which meets at La Grande Mosquée de Paris to announce the date solemnly.

The fasting

Fasting, which concerns both food and drink, begins at dawn and lasts until sunset. Suffice to say that you have to be enduring to endure it throughout the day. But the motivation is great for believers because Ramadan is an intensely spiritual period. It also helps to regain awareness of the value of food and drink. Feeling hungry and thirsty is one way to get closer to all who are suffering.

Once the sun sets …

Once the sun has set, the houses come alive and the party begins! The ideal is that all family members break the fast together and at the same time. The main meal of the day brings together large family meals around soups such as Chorba (lamb-based soup) or Harira and honey and date cakes. The month of Ramadan ends with a beautiful celebration, Eid El Fitr.

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