What is the best time to visit Morocco ?

The best time to visit Morocco depends on what you want to see or discover in this special country. Morocco has wonderful landmarks that are worth a visit and in order to have the best pleasure in discovering them, follow with us today is the best time to travel to Morocco. If, for example, your priority is to visit the cities of Marrakech or Fes, the best time is between April and May or between September or November, while many cultural and art festivals in Morocco are held in the summer.

Weather in Morocco

The climate in Morocco is sunny and hot at many times of the year, especially in the summer, as the weather is very hot in Marrakech, Fes and the rest of southwestern Morocco. At a time when the cities of Rabat, Essaouira and Tangier considered that the heat is less summer, as they benefit from the ailments of the ocean. Despite this, the summer is one of the most popular times for tourists to visit Morocco, as it coincides with the European summer vacation. Also, the holiday in Morocco is in the summer, when many head to the coast, where the temperature is milder.

During the winter, which is concentrated between November and February, the climate is mild and temperatures drop to a large extent at night and sometimes zero. You can head to Oukaimeden near Marrakech to enjoy skiing or visit the Atlas Mountains when the weather is not windy.

The best time for trips to the Atlas Mountains

Although it is possible to organize trips to the Atlas Mountains throughout the year, but the best months to do this are during the spring between April and May and in the fall between September and October as the climate is the best. During the summer the weather is moderate and sunny, while thunderstorms can be expected at times. You should know that you cannot expect the climate in the Atlas Mountains at any time of the year, so precaution for these variables is a must.

The best time to visit the beaches in Morocco

Naturally, the best time to visit and enjoy the beaches in Morocco is during the summer, with a mean temperature of 26 degrees. But in contrast, the summer means that there are many tourists, so it is necessary to book early, especially in places like Essaouira or Agadir. Since Morocco has always attracted fans of surfing on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, you should know that the best time to engage in your favorite activity is during the autumn and winter months. The best surfing spots are concentrated around Agadir and Taghazout, with average temperatures in December reaching 18 degrees.

The best time for trips in the desert

If you are planning to visit the Moroccan Sahara, the most appropriate time is during the fall or early spring. By doing this, you can avoid the harsh temperatures of about 40’s, while the night temperatures sometimes reach below zero. At any time of the year, temperatures drop at night so it is always advisable to take warm clothes as a precaution.

The best time to enjoy the Moroccan festivals

Many Moroccan festivals are held in May, June and July. Among the most prominent festivals in Morocco are the Fez Festival of Spiritual Music, the Marrakesh Folk Music Festival, and the Gnaoua World Music Festival, while the Mawazine World Rhythms Festival is held in Rabat in June and other annual festivals.

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